Innovative and Functional Storage Solutions for Everyone’s House

Home is our reflection; it is our place where we can feel ourselves in this huge world. Irrespective of size, that space gives us comfort, which we can't feel anywhere else. But to create that space is a task; to utilise every corner is a bit of a difficult thing.  

We are presenting functional storage in an innovative style to give your space a beautiful makeover. You can customise as per your style, from shoe racks to study tables, and book cabinets to wardrobes, there are numerous storage solutions available to help you organise your things so you can find everything on time and exactly the way you want it. Now there is no more overstuffing behind the closed doors of wardrobes and cabinets. In this blog post, we'll suggest some ideas for various areas of your home, emphasising the importance of maximising space to its full potential. 

Bedrooms, the prime room in the house 

After a long day, we all want our bed or need a comfy space, which is why we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and that room has a big significance in our lives. According to Sage, where you live makes a difference. Clutter surrounding, makes your thoughts conducive. Even if you feel under a burden or irritated, a clean space gives you a calmness that makes your thoughts clearer.  

A multiple-storage wardrobe can be a solution to all these worries. You easily organise clothes, accessories, and personal items in an accessible way. Even we transform your wardrobe space from minimum to maximum by adding hooks on doors, outside drawers below for small things, hanging hacks on the sides, or shelves that make you utilise every inch of available space efficiently with the mirrored panels on wardrobe doors to save the space for another piece of furniture, which gives you extra scope for another corner. 

Every bed needs a good side table, but if you get a side table with a book rack, maybe that motivates you to read at least one page daily to increase your knowledge. Multiple storage furniture helps you not only keep your room clean but also helps you grow individually to provide things near you. Even in your bed, use storage containers or rolling bins to keep extra bedding, seasonal clothing, or shoes to make your house more clutter-free.  

The living room is the first space after entering the house.  

The living room is the place family room where they get together, sit together, and enjoy together. But during the gathering, the entire house got into a huge mess. Because things keep being brought from other rooms to the living room. Only functional storage furniture can save you from this mess.  

Make your living room not only your favourite space; make it your family's preferred section of the house. By creating spaces on the walls for shelves, TV units, and cabinets, you can easily store items that are brought into the living room and keep them organised inside the built-in drawers to give a more complimentary aesthetic. Adding a coffee table with hidden compartments can also help keep clutter at bay. This way, you can create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in a well-organised living room for your loved ones.  

Liberty, the most silent room in the house 

This room kept the most expensive treasures, "books." To arrange all the books in such a way that you can find anything, just one hand away. To keep this room authentic and clean for thoughtful ideas, the books themselves and the book rack play a crucial role. Multiple drawers help safely store important documents and make it easy to clean every corner without worrying about mould or insects.  

Liberty is not a room; it's a corner where you can calm and enlighten yourself. To feel this energy, you don't need a special or extra room; you just need a corner where you can place your books with a study table, which gives you comfort. With hanging bookshelves or book hacks and a good multiple-storage study table, you can turn out any corner of your living room or bedroom for your writing corner.  

Shoe racks are important to have. 

Don't underestimate the power of shoes. Many people judge you by this. In our culture, we can't take our shoes inside the house. So, then where do we put them? Nowadays, everyone has a minimum of three pairs or more. A shoe rack is the only solution to make your house's outside organised and clean. A good functional shoe rack helps you arrange your shoes in a good manner and protect them from theft and dirt.  


Deckup provides a large selection of creative and useful storage options that are made so you can enjoy every square inch of your home. Make your home a mirror of your personality. People will be amazed by the organisation and style when they walk in, with a classy look and a flexible quality. With Deckup's storage solutions., you can say bye to clutter and welcome to a lovely, well-organised living area that perfectly captures your taste and way of life. Why then wait? With Deckup's creative storage solutions, you can instantly transform your house into a more elegant and useful living space. Don't settle for a disorganised and dull living space any longer - let Deckup help you create the home of your dreams. 

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